The Operator - Robert O'Neill

The Operator

By Robert O'Neill

  • Release Date: 2017-04-25
  • Genre: Military
Score: 4.5
From 614 Ratings


This instant New York Times bestseller—“a jaw-dropping, fast-paced account” (New York Post) recounts SEAL Team Operator Robert O’Neill’s incredible four-hundred-mission career, including the attempts to rescue “Lone Survivor” Marcus Luttrell and abducted-by-Somali-pirates Captain Richard Phillips, and which culminated in the death of the world’s most wanted terrorist—Osama bin Laden.

In The Operator, Robert O’Neill describes his idyllic childhood in Butte, Montana; his impulsive decision to join the SEALs; the arduous evaluation and training process; and the even tougher gauntlet he had to run to join the SEALs’ most elite unit. After officially becoming a SEAL, O’Neill would spend more than a decade in the most intense counterterror effort in US history. For extended periods, not a night passed without him and his small team recording multiple enemy kills—and though he was lucky enough to survive, several of the SEALs he’d trained with and fought beside never made it home.

“Impossible to put down…The Operator is unique, surprising, a kind of counternarrative, and certainly the other half of the story of one of the world’s most famous military operations…In the larger sense, this book is about…how to be human while in the very same moment dealing with death, destruction, combat” (Doug Stanton, New York Times bestselling author). O’Neill describes the nonstop action of his deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan, evokes the black humor of years-long combat, brings to vivid life the lethal efficiency of the military’s most selective units, and reveals details of the most celebrated terrorist takedown in history. This is “a riveting, unvarnished, and wholly unforgettable portrait of America’s most storied commandos at war” (Joby Warrick).


  • The Operator

    By JDB7668
    Absolutely incredible. Rob thank you for your many years of honored service to our nation. And to all those who serve our great Nation. A heartfelt thank you. Awesome individuals. Each and every one of them.
  • 5-Stars All The Way

    By DigitalBeeg4
    Unbelievably written and portrayed. Thank you for all you’ve done for our country and for the passion in which you defended us all.
  • Highly recommend!!!

    By dwoodydawg
    Great book. It’s now on my teenagers reading list!
  • Great book

    By Westmedic624
    Wonderful true vivid easy to read stories that keep you hooked. Absolutely a great book to read about our true military hero’s and the things they go through and sacrifice to give our nation freedom.
  • Rob O'Neill is a true American hero!

    By Stratplayer2
    I've read all of the Seal books and this is Tops in my view! I REALLY would love to spend a couple of hours! What a stand-up guy!!!

    By Vega Jim
    I was looking at some videos about the author Brad Taylor and discovered a video interview on SOFREP radio with Robert O’Neill. I got the book from the library and loved this book. O’Neill is a true American hero and excellent story teller. I trained in Little Creek, VA in the Navy for a position as a Chaplain’s Assistant headed to Chu Lai, Vietnam. The buds/s were next to our unit and I saw them swimming and carrying their boats to the chow hall. what stamina they had. Get this book. Jim Ronan E5 USN-R
  • 5 stars to a true American Patriot and Hero

    By bristp
    Rob tells his amazing journey from growing up in Butte, MT to BUD/S and his many missions as a Navy Seal. There are some hilarious moments as well as tragedy and triumph. You cannot put this book down, and I truly believe it is a must read for every American. Put this on high school reading lists!
  • The operator

    By Tom Noice
    Riveting,written from a more personal journey than most of the books on Seals that I have read. My Son in law was a commander at Devgroup doing intell for team 6 so this book was special to me. Great book, thanks Rob.
  • One of the best!

    By wrench
    Robert O’Neill has written one of the best books I have ever had the pleasure of reading. I can’t wait to see what else he will write. I am now a fan and have found this book to be informative, entertaining and inspiring. Mr. O’Neill, you have no idea how much you have made me laugh and feel such much pride to be an American. You are truly an American hero, you’re parents raised a great son. You have a very beautiful life, full of adventure, sometimes heart wrenching, but nevertheless a courageous one and full of positives outcomes. Thank you for your service, Sir. I am so glad to know that you and so many others in your company were in our side. I hope to read many great books. You are a great writer. And I hope to someday meet you, hopefully in one of your book signings. AND THANK YOU AND YOUR NAVY SEAL BROTHERS, SO MUCH FOR GETTING RID OF THAT SOB.
  • Incredible

    By Mays
    Such an amazing story. So serious, with a great mix of humor with harrowing bravery. Couldn’t recommend it more highly.